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Wim Moortgat

Radio has evolved from an audio-only medium to a 360° experience where audio is no longer the only expression. The radio brand now also includes social, web, video and events. Wim Moortgat has been part of this evolution over the past 30 years. Today he is Manager, Audio Technology at VRT, responsible for technological projects for radio, support of the radio production environment and the Master Control Rooms for radio.

Wim Moortgat is actively involved in the project of the new VRT headquarters, where we will begin building brand work centres with total touch point controls, preparing VRT for a new future.
He is also project owner of the new distribution contract for VRT (fm, DAB+ and DVB-t) and is technical advisor at VRT for the switchover to digital radio in the lobbying with the Flemish government.

For almost 20 years, Wim Moortgat has been a Contact Engineer for the EBU, and for almost ten years Chairman of the Group. He has brought new technical ideas to the concert exchange, making it possible to exchange more multimedia content in the Euroradio network.

Wim Moortgat’s educational background is as a Technical Engineer Electronics, and he has also had training at the Vlerick Business School and the Business School of London.