Akim Mogaji

  • Akim Mogaji

Akim Mogaji is a producer and trainer, experienced in building teams to make audio and visual drama and documentary across Africa, Asia & the UK. His portfolio includes Story Story, the drama series running on stations across Africa and on BBC World Service for the last 15 years.

For the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Akim delivers training and facilitation at ABU events, and workshops for members throughout Asia. For the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA), Akim directed Worldview, mentoring producers and brokered relationships with broadcasters for international drama and documentary projects. He also led the delivery of innovative workshops for CBA members to collaborate regionally through events designed for broadcast.

Akim started his career performing at the Royal Shakespeare Company and The National Theatre in the UK, before crossing the floor to direct and produce for Radio and TV, with particular interest in the Global South.

He co-founded New Media Networks in 2008