Daniel Brouyère

  • Daniel Brouyère

In 2003 Daniel Brouyère has been named Director of Programmes – Documentaries – Youth Broadcasts in RTBF. As part of his functions, he set several programmes like news broadcasts and documentaries.
In collaboration with the Media Participations group, he was involved in the development of the RTBF subsidiaries Dreamwall – Keywall. They offer computer graphics productions (cartoons) and create virtual settings.
He also achieved an independent and private work as a producer by making documentaries, institutional films and commercial breaks.
Since 2013, Daniel Brouyère has been Adviser for the RTBF Direction and as such, he has directed the development of special projects and exceptional events.
Since 2015, Daniel Brouyère has been elected URTI General Director.
He is also the RTBF representative in CIRTEF.