Jean Philip De Tender

  • Jean Philip De Tender

Since 2015, Jean Philip has been Media Director at the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva, overseeing strategy, management, networks and content-related representation. For more than 25 years Jean Philip De Tender worked for VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster in Belgium. He started his career as a journalist working on various television and radio programmes. Later on, as television programme manager, he became responsible for a wide range of programmes covering all genres, from fiction to entertainment, current affairs and reality.
From 2007 to 2013, he was the channel manager of Eén, the biggest television channel in Flanders. During his tenure, Eén grew to achieve enormous success, cornering a share of more than 33% and plotting a clear course for public broadcasting. During his last two years at VRT, he was in charge of all television channels (Eén, Canvas and Ketnet).
Jean Philip De Tender loves writing and sharing his ideas. Social media has become second nature to him. In 2010, he published his first book, Alles is een verhaal (Everything is a story). An inspiring personality, he often lectures internationally, both inside and outside the media world.
He loves reading books and is inspired by everything that crosses his path. His motto in life is to “create order in the chaos and chaos in the order”.