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Jean Philip DE TENDER
Quai Ernest Ansermet 8
1205 Geneva, Switzerland
+ 41 79 582 33 66
+32 475 81 20 73

For more than 25 years Jean Philip De Tender worked for VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster in Belgium. He started of as journalist for various television and radio programs.
Later as television program manager he became responsible for a wide range of programs in all genres (fiction, entertainment, current affairs, reality, …).
From 2007 till 2013 he was the channel manager of the biggest television channel in Flanders. During his management Eén grew to an enormous success with more than 33 % market share and a clear vision on public broadcasting.
His last two years at VRT he was in charge of all television channels (Eén, Canvas and Ketnet).
Since 2015 he is Director Media at the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva, in charge of strategy, management, network and representation of everything related to content.
Jean Philip De Tender loves writing and sharing his ideas. Social media became his second nature. In 2010 he published his first book “Alles is een verhaal” (“Everything is a story”).
As an inspiring personality he often lectures internationally both within and outside the media world.
He loves reading books and is inspired by everything that crosses his path.
His drive in life : “Create order in the chaos and chaos in the order”.

° Ostend, February 6 1965
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator : ENFJ

– 1983 – 1987 master interpreting Dutch, English, Modern Greek
Erasmus High School, Brussels
succeeded magna cum laude
– 1988 bachelor translating Dutch, French, German
Erasmus High School, Brussels
free student
– 1987 – 1989 journalism
Institute for Journalism, Brussels
succeeded magna cum laude

– 1988 – 1991 VRT-radio
journalist for Radio 1 and Radio 2 (VRT)
– 1987 – 1989 Filmnet
host of a film magazine
– 1987 – 1991 copywriter (freelance, advertising)
journalist (student magazine Campus)
– 1989 – 1999 VRT-television (TV1)
guest host of Bingo (pop program), host of Horizon (scientific magazine) and reporter of Azur (travel show)
editor of various programs in all genres (Drie Uur Jessie, Zeg maar Jessie, Topscore, Tien voor Taal, TV1-Denksportkampioen, Margriet, …)
editor in chief of various talkshow programs (Margriet, Zeker Weten, Schermen, Jan Publiek)
– 1999 – 2003 advisor to VRT-TV1 management staff
consulting on channel strategy, talent management, scheduling, branding, …
– 1996 – 2003 film critic for ZiZo
– 2003 – 2007 program manager VRT-Eén
executive manager for a series of programs in various genres (fiction, entertainment, news, reality, …)
– 2007 – 2013 channel manager VRT-Eén
in charge of long term strategy and vision of the channel; budget, programing and content; marketing and communication; talent management
– 2013 – 2015 mediamanager VRT-television
responsible for the 360° strategy, broadcasting and commissioning of all VRT’s television channels : Eén, Canvas and Ketnet
– since 2015 Director Media at the European Broadcasting Union, in charge of the production, co-production and knowledge exchange of content (news, music, live events, television, radio, children and younger audiences, social media and academy). Amongst others: the Eurovision Song Contest and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra New Year’s Concert.

– 1998 – 2004 guest professor, Institute for Journalism, Brussels
– 1999 – 2014 guest professor, Erasmus High School, RITS film and television, Brussels, teaching “Television management and mediacontext”
– since 2010 various guest colleges

– 2008 – 2015 board member BVN, The Best of The Netherlands and Flanders
– 2008 – 2015 member of the Eurovision TV Committee, chairman since 2013
– 2013 – 2015 member of the Prix Europa Steering Committee
– since 2014 board member Vlaamse Brusselse Media

“I realised only recently that I live at a high pace. I give myself for 300 % and even then I think I work only at a full 100 %”.
With the growing success of social media Jean Philip preferred exploring the web rather than commissioning new studies. He started his blog in 2006 and became a top 100 blogger in Flanders. His blog is a unique mix of personal stories, book reviews and a barrel full of inspiration.
In september 2010 Lannoo published his book “Everything is a story”. It became a right brain book that should inspire people to become aware of the power of stories. Everyone and everything is a story. If people become sensitive to stories they will better understand the world around them.
Jean Philip likes to listen to people and their stories. But he also enjoys mounting the stage to tell stories. He is an international speaker on media, the power of storytelling, creativity and inspiration, pitching, …

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