Rosa Gonzalez

  • Rosa Gonzalez

Rosa M. Gonzalez is since 2012 the Deputy Secretary to UNESCO’s International Programme for Development of Communication (IPDC), a programme that has been supporting media development in developing countries for the past 40 years. With 26 years of experience in the media development field, Ms. Gonzalez has also worked as Communication and Information Advisor for UNESCO in Latin America and Asia. In these capacities, Ms. Gonzalez has organized and participated in a wide range of international multi-stakeholder conferences on media development, freedom of expression, access to information and other related issues.

Confronting the rise of disinformation and misinformation (“fake news”) is an imperative for journalism, as this phenomenon may lead to public disbelief of media content and an overall loss of trust in media. It is at the same time an opportunity to demonstrate the value of news media and underline the distinctiveness of verifiable information.
To reflect on this challenge and to promote the highest professional standards than can empower media professionals to fight disinformation, the IPDC programme recently published Journalism ‘Fake News’ and Disinformation, a curricula for journalism education institutions.