Simona Martorelli

  • Simona Martorelli

Simona Martorelli

– Currently Vice director of International relations and European affairs of RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana

– as of 1999 until October 2016 head of the European Affairs Rai’s Brussels liaison office.
Formerly seconded as National Expert to the European Commission in the Audiovisual and Media policies Unit from June 2005 until November 2008.

– More than 30 years experience in the audiovisual sector started at Hearst ABC in New York and then in RAI since 1984.

– Accomplished lobbyist with the European Parliament, European Council of Ministers, and the European Commission with excellent networking skills.

– Wide contacts with various stakeholders groups, i.e. broadcasters, telecoms, ISPs etc., and institutional Organizations, i.e. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Council of Europe etc.